More than just a real estate company

Everything started with a shared passion.


Back in the mid 90’s when the real estate industry was at its peak, we took the first bold step and put our plans into action. We started small,  slow but surely positioning and identifying our niche market and identifying what properties offered the most value proposition while building relationships with clients, engaging them to learn more about the industry, and providing insights on the endless possibilities available for them.

Our purpose and goal then and now is to do BUSINESS with HONOR.

At Premium Properties PH, we are always on the lookout to bring answers to everyone’s unique needs.

While everybody is focused on sales targets and quotas, we focus on helping our clients understand their investment decisions.  We treat our clients as partners, listening to their preferences, presenting  options, sharing our extensive experiences, and ensuring that our service to clients is tailor fitted to their needs.  Undeniably challenging, yet a rewarding role to take on with every investment success achieved.

When we say end to end, we mean it.

For us, it is never a touch-base, sell, and leave mindset… we take the high road in ensuring our service is better than GOOD, from collating your options to documentary due diligence prior to investing, to handing over the new title to your new property, in overseeing the final finishing touches of your new abode including .

So whether you’re planning to buy a new property for the family or for your business, our team offers a wide array of services that will suit your every real estate need. We grow as you grow with us and we transcend together.


We look forward to working closely with you!